Rixwelle Corporation is a specialist ICT consultancy firm.

Rixwelle Corporation has 20 years of experience in the areas of Solution Architecture, Program/Project management, Public Finance Management, Banking & Treasury Management Solutions, Business Intelligence and Analytics.


Rixwelle’s offers a peerless range of products and services to the corporate and public sectors in supporting the next generation of digital transformation. In a first evolving scenario, innovation around how ICT is consumed is critical especially in light of the constant need to lift individual productivity and competitiveness while managing costs within a secure environment.

One distinctive Rixwelle brings to the table is in adopting, for example, the paradigm of providing software as a service for clients who increasingly find themselves disadvantaged by legacy systems whose constant requirements for upgrades lead to cost blow outs and the real risk of technological obsolescence. Others include systems security, application interfaces between legacy and next-gen applications and internationally accredited project management capabilities.