a) Project Management
Solid program and project management is critical to running successful digital transformation projects or large scale programs (grouping of related projects). Improved project management on a project is a common suggestion when people complete projects. We can help clients get the project management working effectively right from Initiation to Hand-over.

The following are key services we can provide:

  • Dedicated program management – full-time resources to manage a client’s portfolio of projects.
  • Dedicated project management – full-time on-site resources to manage a client’s large projects or group of smaller projects.
  • Scaleable project management – part-time on-site resources to manage projects that don’t require a full-time engagement.
  • Remote project management – We are able to work from remote offices to deliver projects of any size. This service also works extremely well for virtual project teams (global).


b) Project Support
The following are a few of the project support services we can provide:

  • Project Audits – assess a particular project to confirm probability of success.
  • Risk Assessments – review risks on higher risk projects, establish strategies for dealing with risks.
  • External Risk Management – provide full risk management services outside of the immediate team (for very high risk projects)
  • Post Project Reviews – independent view of how projects did including assessment of business outcomes.
  • Project Management Mentoring / Coaching – work with a client’s developing project managers to enhance their abilities while increasing the probability of success on a project.
  • Project Rescue Services – reviewing challenged projects and repositioning them by re-scoping, changing team members, re-positioning expected business outcomes or shutting them down

II. Technical and Solution Architecture
We at Rixwelle provide high quality functional and technical expertise to identify and translate business and technical requirements into an integrated solution architecture.
Our team assesses and evaluate existing and proposed technical solution components, enabling us to deliver optimum results while ensuring the solution components align with our clients strategic enterprise architecture.


We provide professional business analysis consulting based on the Industry Best Practices of the International Institute of Business Analysts’ (IIBA) Business Analysis Framework.
Our business analysts have industry experience in identifying business needs, analyzing requirements, and determining solutions in a wide variety of information technology areas. We use the information gathered for development, process improvement, organizational change; strategic planning and policy development. We work with the client to document the right requirements, reduce waste, create solutions, and improve efficiency.

We can assist the client with any of the following types of business analysis services:

  • Business Process Management;
  • Business Continuity Plan Development;
  • Data Migration;
  • Business Case Development;
  • Conducting feasibility studies;
  • Solution assessment and validation;
  • Requirements planning and management;
  • Organizational change planning and management; and
  • Risk planning and management.


At Rixwelle we enhance our Digital Transformation offering by encompassing the following skills transfer to our clientele:

a) ICT Governance
b) Project Management
c) Business Analysis