Rixwelle Corporation is a specialist ICT consultancy firm with expertise with 20 years of experience in the areas of Solution Architecture, Program/Project management, Public Finance Management, Banking & Treasury Management Solutions, Business Intelligence and Analytics. It also has and continues to grow its link with leading ICT product and service vendors to bring best practice solutions on Digital Transformation into Africa within the framework of strong local support networks.


Aspire … to lead our peers in our areas of expertise
Add Value … to our client’s Productivity, Competitiveness and Cost Management
Achieve … our three-part vision


Our products and service aspect of our operations irrespective of a product’s origin is our strong suit and the secret to our comparative and competitive advantage over our peers. It is a requirement embedded in all our agreements with third party vendors – a clear, contractually binding commitment to ensure all product & service support are localized to guarantee rapid responses to client needs.


To accomplish our vision, it is our mission to:

  • provide a highly responsive service support to clients through an evidence-based, client feedback-driven consulting culture;
  • leverage and develop our youth’s world class ICT and project management practises; and
  • be guided by an over-arching principle of building capacity through scheduled and repeated ICT training to maximise skills transfer to, and work efficacy of, our clients.


Our vision is to:

  • become Africa’s leader in Digital Transformation and Integration;
  • produce the best-in-class corporate and consumer ICT products and services that are secure, home-grown and world class; and
  • deliver our products and services through sound Program/Project Management, and in Business Intelligence and Analytics.


Rixwelle splits its work-streams into two categories: Advisory and ICT Training where the former applies our expertise to craft and/or implement digital transformation solutions while the latter transfers knowledge and skills to our client’s staff.

Project management framework to deliver results
Rixwelle works to a project management framework and template in its assignments to ensure clearly defined deliverables and performance indicators help quantify expectations and measure results.

Uncompromising in committing adequate resources to get results
Rixwelle believes that under-resourcing is the Achilles’ heel of consulting. For this reason, it has abundant resources for assignments by establishing a strong working capital base to ensure a consistent first-class effort is standard operating procedure.